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YOU let my spirit dance

I indeed do not understand music, but Jesus the Lord uses me as a humble part of his work.

Author: Cherry Wong

I love to worship the Lord Jesus, singing and dancing. I enjoy traveling and seeing all the lives created by God. I am the daughter of Jesus, the King of Kings. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for everything!

Sister Cherry Wong loves to write worship songs for the Lord. Below is the song “Jesus my Lord, my Savior” published through the YouTube channel “A little seed.” It has two versions, one with vocal, one without. After you listen to the songs, please read her story about how she wrote this song and walks this journey.

“Jesus My Lord My Savior”

“Jesus My Lord My Savior” without Vocal

When I was thinking about what title I should use for the subject of this testimony, these words suddenly came to my mind "YOU let my spirit dance." Hallelujah, thank you, Jesus. The Lord Jesus is real and beautiful to me. I long to dance with the Father in the Holy of Holies every day.


84:4 Happy are they whose resting place is in your house: they will still be praising you. (Selah.)

84:5 Happy is the man whose strength is in you; in whose heart are the highways to Zion.

I have never read music or learned musical instruments, but I love to worship God. Worshiping God is the most beautiful and joyful time for me every day. It is my time to dance with my Father, freely released, and sometimes a tearful and healing time. There are many blessings and much grace in it. When I think of meeting with God, a sweet and nourishing feeling fills my heart. Nothing can replace it. I like to read the psalms of the Bible, citing the hidden treasures and revelations of God. They are the way, truth, life, healing, hope, wisdom, power, blessing, grace.

I had not thought about writing poems for God and did not know about it at all. Isn't this more difficult than reaching the sky? In 2019, I started to notice that some tunes and lyrics sometimes appeared in my head. I had a similar experience more than ten years ago. At that time, I caught a song and sang it several times. Unfortunately, I did not write it down in time, and now I cannot remember it. But on October 4th, 2019, I was motivated and courageous to write the first poem of my life. Although I wrote the lyrics, who would I look for to compose the music? I have not served in the church worship team for a long time, at least eight or ten years. I do not know how to compose songs. So, I set it aside and submitted it to the Lord in prayers.

The way I receive each song is different every time. Sometimes a couple of sentences or paragraphs will come out of my mouth. Sometimes I will be able to hear the tunes or see the lyrics in my mind. Sometimes lyrics and tunes will pour out from my heart suddenly. I try my best to write them down every time I receive them. Sometimes when I am busy, I forget to write them down. But God never forgets, they will reappear in my mind after a while. So, I have more understanding of what God gives me and what He is going to do. I keep praying for those songs to show the will of God.

I took an extended study course at Logos Theological Seminary on August 8th, 2020. When the teacher talked about modern worship songs, I seemed to hear God saying to me that you need to write worship songs about the intimate relationship with the Father of Heaven, and poems of truth, and poems in the name of Jesus. I thought I had heard it clearly but was not entirely sure. The next morning, I saw in my mind "By Jesus' cross, I can see the Father." At that time, I sang it in Cantonese and rhymed (it already had the tune). So, I prayed to God how to write the whole song. After I read the Bible Psalm 27 and 63, I wrote the chorus first, then the verse, which was to name the song "Jesus my Lord my Savior." I sent it to some spiritual friends to listen to it and get their feedback. I prayed that someone could help to compose the music for the song.

I tried to ask others about music composers but could not find a suitable person. I kept praying to see if it was the will of God. Until one day, when I talked to a church sister on the phone, we mentioned the former piano teacher of my child Poon Manshan. It reminded me then why couldn't I ask her if she knew how to compose the song. (At that time, I did not even know the difference between playing and arrangement). Thank God for leading Teacher Pan to help us compose this beautiful song. This poem expresses that what makes us reconcile with the Father is the salvation of the Lord Jesus. During the production, I wrote the lyrics and recorded the singing. I went to Teacher Pan's house to talk about what I wanted for the outcome of the song, and where the beat of each bar should be. She soon popped up and wrote the chords. She then arranged the music and the lead singer and sent me one track. When it came to making a video, I had no idea about how to make them. When I asked a brother from the church about it, my older son heard it and told me he could help me. Because of the epidemic, he had online classes at home and learned by himself. My other younger son also joined us to help me make the video. Together, we finished this song and put it on YouTube. I understand that the grace of God is enough for me. Every time I listen to this song with music and lyrics, I shed tears, worshiping in the spirit. It is as if I am under the arm of the Father, the Father is holding my hand, and I am whirling in dance. It is beautiful for me. I feel free, secure, satisfied, and grateful! Lord Jesus, I cannot describe how beautiful you are!

I am searching, and these are not easy for me. Sometimes I confuse beats, bars, and tempo. Sometimes I feel a little disappointed and frustrated. But when I look up to the Lord Jesus, my strength and faith return. Whenever I do not understand, I look up to God and pray to Him. God always gives me peace, encouragement, and ideas. The Lord Jesus is the source of everything for me. In these two years, I wrote nearly 20 poems, and half of them were produced. Thank God! Jesus gave me these songs, and I keep praying to Him to use these songs for His purpose.

In the process, I saw that the Lord Jesus is faithful towards me and walking with me always. I kept praying for guidance from God. Although I do not have a stable musician or music composer and do not know the journey ahead, I trust in You, Lord Jesus, that you will lead me. For different songs, various brothers and sisters helped me. Right here, I would like to thank God for leading Teacher Pan and Brother Desmond Wong, Pastor Lam, the Sister Windy Chan Family, etc, to help the music production. At the same time, I would like to thank a group of brothers and sisters who prayed for us and supported us. They are Brother Kimmas, Elaine Liu, Sarah Ng, Tina Livings, Carol Yuan, Lisa Herron, my husband, and two sons, etc. I ask the Lord Jesus to bless all brothers and sisters who participated in this channel and thank Jesus for using us as a humble part of His work. Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!

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